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Welcome to my blog.  I own and run Grin Travel, an online travel agency specializing in family and group travel.  Travel is my passion and I have had the opportunity to explore Europe, Asia and Africa and to live in fascinating places like Copenhagen, Prague and Moscow.  My husband and children share my interest and we just returned from a two year stint in Switzerland which we used as a launching pad to travel throughout Europe. I specialize in family and group travel and love working with my clients to plan meaningful and memorable vacations for individual and multigenerational family trips and group vacations all over the globe. Not only do I have extensive experience planning leisure trips, but also corporate experience planning both business workshops, conferences and trips.  My travel portfolio includes cruises, escorted tours and customized vacations.  I also am a huge Disney fan and an authorized Disney vacation planner.  I do some travel writing, included a monthly column in the Swiss publication mamizeit at

I look to share my travel experiences, as well as news and insights on the travel industry here in my blog.  I also welcome any inquiries you have about your own travel plans and would be honored to have your business.  I am committed to helping my customers plan the vacations of their dreams within their available schedules and budgets.  Thanks for joining me here and happy traveling!

-Jennifer Grinold

To reach me Grin Travel:

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