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Mammut Flossrennen 2011: A Mother’s Day in Switzerland

May 11, 2011

Last Sunday, I celebrated Mother’s day with my family on the banks of the Sitter River,  enjoying an annual Swiss tradition: the Mammut Flossrennen, or Mammoth River Float Race.  The locals were packed on the river shores with their sun hats and blankets, perched on the river banks to watch the floats compete to win prizes for being the fastest, the most original and the most fun, while remaining intact.  Floats journeyed 12 kilometers in the race and endured a sizeable waterfall drop.  Participants spent hundreds of hours preparing their wonderful watercrafts meant to entertain the spectators who gathered for a day of family fun.

We watched the race from Bischofszell Stadt, a prime point of interest on the race, about 25 kilometers northwest of St. Gallen.   We paid a 5CHF entrance fee for the family to enter the grass park-like area on the Sitter River.  From this area, we had a view of the waterfall drop, which was the most entertaining part of the race where we watched the participants disembark their floats to send them down the plunge, for better or for worse.  All floats seemed to require some repair after the drop and some participants were sent swimming in the river to retrieve parts that flew or broke off during the fall.  After repairing the floats, the race participants re-embarked and set off to finish the race.  For the audience, the floats competing in the original and fun categories were a sight to see.  We enjoyed the Flinestones, Pirates of the Caribbean and for the kids living in Switzerland this year, the Nanomania float was a real treat.

My family enjoyed a wonderful afternoon.  This was a Mother’s Day that will stand out in my memory. I definitely recommend the Mammut Flossrennen if you’re looking to join in some Swiss local for a family day to remember.

A photoalbum of Mammut Flossrennen 2011

Jennifer Grinold, Travel Agent
Grin Travel

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  1. May 11, 2011 11:12 am

    I just looked at your photo album and have to say this looks like great fun! I have never heard of Mammut Flossrennen but would really enjoy attending some day. Together with the family is the best way to celebrate.

  2. May 12, 2011 12:38 am

    Thanks Debbie. My husband found out about event and it was the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. My initial impressions that the Swiss are too serious have been challenged over and over again the more I learn about this country and people. What a perfectly silly and fun day we had on Mother’s Day!

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