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Grand Gatherings at Walt Disney World

February 24, 2011
Grand Gatherings at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Where is a magical  place for a large family to vacation?  Walt Disney World, of course!  Awhile back, a client came to me looking for help organizing a multigenerational family vacation.  They were looking for a special vacation where they could spend quality time together to create memories to last a lifetime.  And the vacation needed to be hassle-free and fun for all – from the toddlers, to the teens, to the parents and, of course, the grandparents.  When I suggested a grand gathering at Walt Disney World, they were curious but skeptical, and seemed a bit overwhelmed at all the options Disney World had to offer.

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World can be overwhelming.  With four theme parks, two water parks, 20 on-property resorts, and more dining options than I care to count, it takes a lot of work to research and organize a gathering for the family at the world’s most popular theme park.  Add to that the crowd and expense factors, and many shy away from Walt Disney World.  But I assured this client that I could help guide them through the planning process for a memorable vacation for their family.

The first task at hand was choosing accommodations. Disney runs 18 onsite resorts, each with its own theme and atmosphere, plus there are scores of other hotels both on and off property.  After sharing information on resort options, this nature-loving, adventure-seeking family selected Animal Kingdom, where they could experience what it’s like being in an African safari, watching wildlife graze outside their rooms and public areas, enjoying views of animals like giraffes right from their balconies.

Right off, we arranged a Grand Gathering for their large family.  Grand Gatherings are unique dining and entertainment experiences that can be booked for parties of 8 or more.  The Grand Gathering experiences at Walt Disney World include a Safari Celebration Dinner, the Good Morning Gathering at Tony’s Town Square and the International Dinner and IllumiNations Dessert Reception.   They offer a unique and special way to experience the magic of Disney as a group.

My client was looking for some options to save money on the trip.  This is where a good travel agent can really help, as Disney offers many specials during the year, and as authorized Disney travel agent, I keep up-to-date on these deals to make sure that my clients receive the most value for their vacation dollar.  Plus, there are some great money saving options like dining plans and traveling off peak which can further stretch a vacation dollar.  This family chose to travel in February, which was a great time not only for deals, but also for lower crowd levels.

My client had a magical vacation at Walt Disney World and has worked with me since to plan additional Disney and non-Disney vacations for their multi-generational family.  As a trained and certified Disney travel specialist, as well as a genuine Disney fan, I am happy to share my expertise on Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris.  I can help my clients find the best deals for their vacation, and can also provide tips on where to stay, places to eat,  how to arrange transportation, as well as daily itinerary tips.  I strive to consistently and accurately provide the information and guidance that my clients need to plan the vacation of their dreams.

If you need help organizing a Grand Gathering or family vacation at Walt Disney World, contact me at

-Jennifer Grinold
Travel Agent, Grin Travel

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