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Fun Tour for Kids in St. Petersburg, Russia

February 7, 2011

Last summer a client contacted me about a Northern European cruise for her family.  Like many travelers to the Baltics, she was especially excited about the two-day St. Petersburg visit, but concerned how she would be able to navigate the city with her family.  Her group included her baby and two young boys, as well as her mother.  What could she do in St. Petersburg that would be fun and safe for everyone?

I set the family up with the private tour company St. Petersburg Best Guides for a custom tour.  If you are traveling with a group, it can often be quite cost effective to organize private excursions, especially if you you have special needs or unique interests.  We requested a guide who not only had great English and in depth knowledge of St. Petersburg, but also who had experience with kids.  Also, as I lived in Russia for several years, I wanted to make sure that my client got a taste of life in Russia beyond the conventional tours.  St. Petersburg Best Guides worked with me to arrange all details for the St. Petersburg visit, including visas,  meals, and daytime and evening excursions.

We organized a fun tour for kids in St. Petersburg  that was full of  activities, but not so jam-packed that it wore out the kids and the baby.  First day was a hydrofoil ride to Peterhof for the afternoon and then afterwards a visit to a Russian home where they had a traditional Russian meal and a master Matryoshka class, where they painted Russian nestling dolls.  Next day was a visit to Church of the Spilled Blood, then the Hermitage, a Georgian lunch and a late afternoon spent experiencing daily life in St. Petersburg.  For this, we organized a tour of an active church, a food market, the subway and downtown shopping.

My clients were thrilled with their family tour of St. Petersburg.  They really appreciated having a private excursion that catered to their family’s particular interests and needs.  Their favorite part of the tour was the visit to the Russian apartment where they painted their very own Russian matryoshka dolls.  And now they have beautiful and meaningful souvenirs of their time in Russia!

If you are interested in learning more about Baltic cruises or St. Peterburg excursions, please contact me at

Jennifer Grinold, Travel Agent at Grin Travel

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