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Cruise Changes in Southern California

January 12, 2011

A recent Travel Weekly article by Johanna Jainchill noted the departure of two major cruise ships from the Southern California ports of San Diego and Los Angeles.  The Carnival Elation and Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Sea have left San Diego and Los Angeles as a result of decreased demand in California where the economic downturn has hit particularly hard.  With the higher fuel costs of the Mexican itinerary, the ships just weren’t reaching necessary profits in these Southern California ports to sustain the cruise ships. 

The departure of these ships means fewer options for cruisers on the West Coast.  It could also mean higher prices for consumers since there will be less capacity.  However, the news is not all bad.  There is a new ship coming to the West Coast – the Disney Wonder – which will be based in Los Angeles part of the year and will cater to families for Mexican Riviera itineraries beginning January 23, 2011.  This is an ideal port for the Disney Wonder, as the popular theme park Disneyland is close by for a natural add on to a Disney cruise.

If you would like more information about West Coast cruise options, contact me at

Disney Wonder has left the Bahamas for California

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  1. January 14, 2011 8:31 am

    Being a West Coast gal too, I agree with Jennifer that losing cruise ship presence is disappointing, but adding the Disney Wonder will be great! I know for many families located
    out on this coast the added cost of flying to Florida has made a Disney cruise even more out of range. I’m excited that there will be a “land and sea” Disney vacation that will be more cost-effective and I think the Wonder will be a great trip to the Baja Peninsula!

  2. January 17, 2011 5:01 am


    According to the Los Angeles Times (see article at, Carnival has announced that it is pulling the last of ships out of San Diego. The Carnival Spirit will move to Australia by 2010. Also, Norwegian Cruise Lines has announced that Norwegian Star will leave Los Angeles Port in May to eventually settle in Tampa, Florida.

    Cruise line officials and port officials cite economic woes and tourist fears over travel to Mexico as the reason for the departure of these two ships.

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