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Traveling with Kids: No Need To Wait

January 2, 2011
Trip to Paris
Seems wherever I am, whatever circumstances, I am planning my next trip or adventure.   I have been blessed throughout my life to share paths with people who have encouraged and helped me cross geographical and personal boundaries and explore new territories.    So when my husband and I had kids, it wasn’t in my nature to stop traveling.   Some challenged my sensibilities explaining that traveling would be too hard and too expensive and my kids wouldn’t remember anyway.  But I held my ground and my family has been traveling together since my kids were babies. 

I particularly love Disney destinations for young kids and families.  The theme parks and cruises are set up to entertain the kids and support the parents.  Kids are not just welcome but treated as special guests.  My boys have been going to Disneyland, Disneyworld and now Disneyland Paris since before they were one and we have some wonderful vacations in these places.

When my youngest was two and a half, we decided to go overseas and went on our first Disney Cruise on the Mediterranean.  My husband was in charge of the luggage and I had my toddler on my back and my preschooler in the stroller.  We took planes, trains and boats throughout Europe and had the vacation of our lives.  And I have friends who have taken their little ones to faraway places like India and Africa.  Yes, traveling with kids takes more upfront planning and yes it takes day to day work.  But we are meeting challenges and enjoying experiences that define us as a family and creating memories we will cherish always.

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